Worship Service

Every Sunday / 1:00 PM

Kids 4 Christ

Wednesday 6:45 PM
(Every other week)
Location: at Church

Volleyball Nights

Monday 8:15 PM
Location: 95 Ritchie Ave. Ajax, On. L1S 6S2

Farm Workers Ministry

Tuesday 7 PM Location:
101 White Oaks Court, Whitby. Suite 1205.


Bible Studies

Tuesday 7 PM Location: 22 Steele Valley Court.
Whitby, On.
Thursday 7 PM Location: 12 Dobson Drive, Ajax. On.

Youth meeting, Thureos East​

2nd / 4th Friday every month

Music Rehearsal

Tuesday 7 PM at church, 115 Ritchie Ave. Ajax, On L1S7E8


What we believe

We believe in God as the Creator of all that exists, including the human being. We believe in Jesus, His Son as our Savior and in The Holy Spirit as our Comforter. We believe in The Bible as The Word of God and as a ruler of doctrine and government. We believe in the church as the Body of Christ, which meets to worship His Holy Name together.